Sleepless San Diego

Sea World San Diego

Sea World Park is a combination of a zoo, an amusement park, and a mini-circus with trained dogs, cats, dolphins, and killer whales.

It’s free to enter American parks unlike Russian (Ukrainian), Kazakh (etc.), and other countries’ parks. Except for food and souvenirs, the majority of the major attractions are free to attend. However, this year, I noticed that Sea World San Diego’s slot machines were also paid. However, the main draws of the park – the shows, performances, and attractions – remained free of charge.

It is better to buy tickets on the Internet rather than at the entrance, where they will cost 95 US rubles per person, as they will cost 60 dollars each online (wild Arctic).

In the corner of Sea World’s main entrance, it can be found on the right. If you want to see the “Arktika,” you’ll have to go through a briefing and take a “flight” on a cargo-passenger helicopter. It’s as though you’re sitting in a helicopter, taking off and landing, and then the “commander” conducts an excursion and lands on a floe, and then the “abyss” opens up and the helicopter “falls into it.” However, a courageous American pilot miraculously saves everyone and lands safely at the polar station.

When the theatre doors open, we’re transported to an Arctic research station for real. Here’s an extra chopper in case you need it for some research flights.

There is a travolator path along this “aquarium” where you can watch these birds in action. And all you have to do is stand or sit on the benches to observe them.

In a sense, Sea World is an aquarium. In a number of pavilions, a variety of sea and ocean dwellers are on display. A travolator was also installed in the shark tank for an easier inspection. You can see sharks, rays, and other marine life swimming over your head as he moves through the “pipe” of the aquarium.

There are also shows for fur seals and pets at Sea World in addition to the most famous dolphin and killer whale shows. Seeing California sea lions in the park was not on my list of things to do, since they were already entertaining the visitors with their begging.

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