Sleepless San Diego

Forecast In San Diego

The city of San Diego weather conditions will be as follows: at night, the air temperature will fall to between +13 and +14 degrees Fahrenheit; the dew point will be around +10.97 degrees Fahrenheit; the temperature-humidity ratio will be very comfortable; it’s expected to rain, and an umbrella is recommended; the wind will be blowing from the south at a speed of 5-7 kilometres per hour.

Dew point: +9.66°C in the morning; Morning air temperature: +13…+15°C; temperatures are very comfortable, but rain is expected, so bring an umbrella. There is a moderate breeze blowing from the south at a speed of 3-7 km/h, and the sky is overcast. Clothing for the season includes: shoes, boots, sneaker socks and golf socks and tights and pants and tight trousers.

The temperature will rise to +16°C during the day, with a dew point of +8.95°C. Comfortable temperature/humidity ratio; Overcast skies and a moderate breeze from the west are expected to bring some rain to some areas, so it’s best to bring an umbrella. the following items should be worn: sneakers, boots, socks, stockings, tights, pants, pita, and a long-sleeved shirt; winter is the astronomical season;

dew point: +8.99°C; temperature-humidity ratio: very comfortable; nighttime air temperature will be between +14 and +15°C. a moderate breeze from the west at a speed of 4-6 km/h and an overcast sky are expected in some areas. shoes, boots, sneakers and socks; tights; pants; long-sleeved shirt; pita; long-sleeved sweater; pita; long-sleeved sweater; pita; knitted dress; jacket

Throughout the day, it will be cloudy. Heavy rain will replace the overnight rain and morning thunderstorm. The afternoon is expected to be dry.

It’s now Friday in San Diego!

Forecast: March 4 is the feast day of Saints Archippus, Philemon, and Apphia, and the weather is expected to be cloudy and rainy. Maniac was the name given to this day in the past. There has been a long-standing folklore that one should avoid looking at shooting stars on this day because it is a bad omen. In the event of “a snow drift on Fedot – to the late grass,” If you come across a white hare in the woods today, expect more snow to fall. The ice will soon melt if you see a seagull flying through the air. On days like today, the wind often picks up.

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